General Safety Training and Lift Truck

Lift Truck Training Kit

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Lift trucks and mobile equipment accidents are preventable and unacceptable. Competent instruction is  a key component to achieving a desired result of zero incidents with lift truck operators. Current standards require that any individual teaching the course is familiar with lift truck applications, limitation and restrictions.

Our program will teach participants how to facilitate their own class on how to recognize and control hazards associated with the equipment in which they operate as well as safe operating principles and procedures of the equipment. Our program is designed in accordance with CSA B335-04 Safety Standard for lift trucks and meets the Ministry of Labour Guidelines.

Course Content Covers:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Competency & General Responsibilities
  • Stability Principles
  • Pre-Operational checks
  • Safety Operating Procedures
  • Fuel Sources
  • Provincial & Federal Legislation links
  • Case Studies

The Lift Truck Training kit Includes:

  • 153 Page Leaders Guide
  • Presented in a step by step format, easy to use, easy to train
  • Interactive PowerPoint Presentation with embedded video
  • Inspection Check lists
  • Practical Evaluation Guide and Evaluation Form
  • Final Exam
  • 10 – Participants Guides with certificates

Once you complete your classroom theory portion, you must also provide practical training on a lift truck in order to give students full certification. Our course is designed to be completed in an approximately eight hour session with practical training to be completed the following day.